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Solisege Herbs & Spices is a range specialised in meaty delicacy infused with aromatic herbs and spices. We are proud to introduce our latest innovation in combining the colourful condiment with top-notch quality whole pork muscle.

When you need to restock the cupboard with your backup ham, the Solisege Herbs & Spices Candy Cinnamon Ham is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s made with high-quality honey and whole muscle pork to give you all of the ham that you can always go back to. Whether it’s sliced into thick slabs or shaved with a cheese slicer into paper-thin slices, this recipe will always have your back. Featuring a sweet cinnamon flavor front with warm aftertaste, this is one of our most popular products locally, where cinnamon-flavoured food has a place in people’s hearts. It comes in a vacuumed pack of 2.5kg (+-10%).

This whole Herbs & Spices Candy Cinnamon Ham has been pre-cooked. So, when you’re ready to cook it, just put remove the packaging and heat it up in the oven. Here’s a super easy Honey Glaze recipe that you can use: Honey Glaze Recipe.

A wonderful pairing with this Candy Cinnamon Ham would be our exclusive real stout-infused sausage: Spiral Bierwurst that will add many flavours to the celebration meal.

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Herbs & Spices Candy Cinna...

Earn 219.90 Reward Points