Honey Baked Ham 150gm

We use a fully boneless leg muscle to make this Honey Baked Ham 150gm. The whole muscle leg makes the meat very tender and juicy. This is because all different type of muscle groups on the ham contributes to different texture and flavours. Then, it is baked with honey making the meat very tender and juicy. It is one of our most popular hams!

The Honey Baked Ham has a salty taste with a hint of honey flavour. The ham retains its tenderness and juiciness because it is not smoked and has some amount of fat in it.

To prepare the meat for cooking, remember to let it thaw completely. For chilled products, place the product in its original package on a plate in room temperature for 30 minutes. For frozen products, place the product on a plate in the fridge overnight (12-24 hours). To check if the product is ready for cooking, touch it to feel. If the meat is not hard to touch or is easily bendable like fresh meat, it will be ready for cooking.

Storage Information

Keep Refrigerated At 0-4°C
Consume Within 3 Days Of Opening or Freeze if Not Consumed

Serving Suggestion

As the ham is fully cooked, you can just remove the packaging and serve. We recommend serving the ham with pineapple slices, grapes, and other sweet fruits. This is because it gives the meal a balance of flavours as it compliments the savouriness of the ham very well. Besides, you can also create your own ham steaks. Remove the ham from its packaging. Then, add some cooking oil into a flat frying pan. Put in the ham slices and fry on medium-high heat to give it a good sear. Sear both sides until you are happy with the browning and then remove from heat and serve. These steaks go well with brown sauce or cranberry jam. So, enjoy!

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Weight 150 g


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Solisege Honey Baked Ham 150gm Honey Baked Ham 150gm