Irish Breakfast Sausage 500gm

A traditional Irish breakfast fresh sausage with spices like mace, rosemary and thyme. Great for a healthy breakfast fry up. This is because we use all-natural ingredients and the meat is stuff in natural hog casing.

The Irish Breakfast Sausage 500gm tastes salty, it has a tender but slightly chewy texture. The sausages in its raw condition appears pale and grey because it is not smoked. Because of the natural hog casing, the sausage will have a crunchy snap when it is cooked.

To prepare the meat for cooking, remember to let it thaw completely. For chilled products, place the product in its original package on a plate in room temperature for 30 minutes. For frozen products, place the product on a plate in the fridge overnight (12-24 hours). To check if the product is ready for cooking, touch it to feel. If the meat is not hard to touch or is easily bendable like fresh meat, it will be ready for cooking.

Storage Information

Keep Frozen
Consume Within 3 Days Of Opening or Freeze if Not Consumed

Serving Suggestion

The fresh sausages are versatile. First, remove the sausages from its packaging and snip off the links. This is because the sausages are stuffed in a continuous pig intestine and twisted into equal size links. Then, at this point, you can choose to remove the casing and mould the sausage into balls or patties. If not, just leave it as it is. There are 3 basic ways to cook fresh sausages and you can follow the cooking guide we have prepared for you down below! So, enjoy!

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Weight 500 g


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Irish Breakfast Sausage 500gm