Chicken Frankfurter 200gm

Classic skinless fine cut chicken sausage. This is for our friends who prefer chicken over pork. This sausage is suitable for hot dogs or grilled on a skewer for BBQ parties!

The chicken frankfurter 200gm tastes salty and does not contain any casing. This is the most tender sausage in our selection of cooked sausages because of the lack of casing. Frankfurters are smoked for at least 20 minutes to achieve a favourable smoky flavour. Therefore, sometimes might have uneven colouring on the skin as compared to the universal colour on other brands’ sausages that use liquid smoke.

To prepare the meat for cooking, remember to let it thaw completely. For chilled products, place the product in its original package on a plate in room temperature for 30 minutes. For frozen products, place the product on a plate in the fridge overnight (12-24 hours). To check if the product is ready for cooking, touch it to feel. If the meat is not hard to touch or is easily bendable like fresh meat, it will be ready for cooking.

Storage Information

Keep Refrigerated At 0-4°C
Consume Within 3 Days Of Opening or Freeze if Not Consumed

Serving Suggestion

As the sausage is pre-cooked, you can just remove the packaging and serve. On the other hand, you can also heat up the sausages for any application you want. So, we have prepared some guides to give you an idea on how to start preparing them for your cooking. Whole sausages are suitable for hotdogs, breakfast, bread rolls, BBQ, potluck, etc. On the other hand, sliced sausages are mostly used for stir-frying, noodles, pasta, or any other gravy. It does not matter what is the meal, we are sure you will find the perfect sausage to incorporate in it. So, enjoy!

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Weight 200 g


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Solisege Chicken Frankfurter 200g packaging front view. Chicken Frankfurter 200gm