Cecinas Pablo Sliced Iberian Ham 50% Raza Iberica

Jamon, Jamon, Jamon. It has the characteristic colour, aroma, and unmistakable taste derived from the Iberian pig. What’s more, slicing and skin-packing it provides the best possible preservation. Furthermore, it gives a good presentation of the product with the least loss of aroma and flavour. Besides, in all our slices we include slicer separators to make it easier to take off some slices of others.

After selecting the best pieces of ham, we will start a traditional process of salting and tenderising the ham. Each piece is given the right time of salting appropriate to their size and fat. Then, the pieces are cleaned to remove the surface salt. The ham then goes through settlement for the salt to penetrate into the meat. After some time, the salt will then extract the water off the surface. The process is done under specified conditions of humidity and temperature.  Consequently, the ham goes through the drying and curing process in natural driers and cellar. As a result, we obtain the taste and flavour of high-quality hams.

The meat goes through a long and tedious transformation process before arriving at your hands. Hence, we are proud to present to you this amazing product of hard work, culture, and heritage.


Iberian Cebo Ham, Salt, Sugar, Antioxidants (E301 and E331 iii), Preservatives (E250 and E252).

Nutrition Facts:

Nutritional info per 100g:

Calories: 431Kcal. / 1790 KJ.

Protein: 31.52g.

Fat: 33.9g.

Saturated fat: 15.21g.

Carbohydrates: 0.2g.

Sugar: 0.2g.

Salt: 2.84g.


Serving Suggestions:

We recommend to open the packaging of the Iberian Ham and rest it in room temperature for at least half an hour. As such, you will be able to taste all of its wonderful deep flavours. Of course, if you are using it as a culinary ingredient for cooking, you may use it right out of the packet. For example. pan-frying it will give it a crispy texture while intensifying the flavours. All in all, this unique Spanish Jamon is versatile and tasty in every way.

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