Leberwurst 150gm

An original German recipe with 25% of pork liver. Used as a spread and usually served with crackers or toasts.

The Leberwurst has salty and strong liver taste. It is not smoked and comes in a glass jar. Furthermore, it has a spreadable and viscous texture and the colour appears reddish grey. It is a very common food in European countries where they would spread it on a piece of toast or biscuit for a quick bite. Besides, it is also suitable on a charcuterie board for extra unique flavours.

Storage Information

Keep Refrigerated at 0-4ºC
Consume Within Expiration Date and Keep Refrigerated Once Opened

Serving Suggestion

Open the jar and scoop out as much leberwurst as you need. Spread it evenly on any crackers of your choice. we recommend water crackers which have a minimum taste so that you can taste all the flavours of the spread. Of course, you can also use some herbs crackers, we find rosemary-infused crackers to be a great pairing. Furthermore, you can combine it with other cured meats such as ham, sausages, and Spanish Jamon to serve up a beautiful charcuterie board! Check out how you can do that from this guide we prepared for you: Royal Charcuterie.

On the other hand, you can use it in pies as well. Pie lovers also can incorporate our pork liver Pâté into their stuffing as well. It will melt in the oven and mix well with all the other ingredients in the pie. This is a nice way to add a touch of bold personality into your pie. You may surprise your guests with something they haven’t tried before! For more interesting details about the spreadable leberwurst, read them up here: Spreadable Leberwurst Pâté!

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Weight 150 g


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Solisege Spreadable Leberwurst 150gm Leberwurst 150gm