Solisege Cooler Bag

No need to worry about cold storage items melting on the way to your destination! This special Solisege Cooler Bag will keep your sausages, bacon, and cold cuts at their optimum temperature all the way. Furthermore, the bag is made with high-quality non-woven material with extra padded foam. Inside, you will see a lining of thick foil that will keep the heat out while locking in the cold air in the bag. We also have a strong velcro at the opening of the bag which helps to seal the bag.

The size of the bag is 7 x 11.5 x 14.5 inch. Besides, it can take up to 7kg of weight.


1️⃣ Strong & Durable
2️⃣ Easy To Carry
3️⃣ Low Maintenence

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Solisege Special insulating cooler bag with a large capacity to keep sausages, bacon, and ham cold during transport. Solisege Cooler Bag