Non-Smoked Streaky Bacon 300gm

We use imported pork belly from Europe with a good fat to meat ratio to produce this non-smoked streaky bacon. We chose this because the quality of fat-to-lean ration from the local pork market is not as consistent as European pork suppliers. As a result, our streaky bacon is more consistent that other brands in the Malaysian market.

This non-smoked version of streaky bacon tastes salty, same as the smoked version. It is more tender than the smoked version and does not have the golden outer layer, resembling a normal sliced pork belly. Nonetheless, the curing process enhances the flavours tremendously. Even without the smokiness, you can definitely tell that you’re eating bacon, not just fresh pork.

To prepare the meat for cooking, remember to let it thaw completely. For chilled products, place the product in its original package on a plate in room temperature for 30 minutes. For frozen products, place the product on a plate in the fridge overnight (12-24 hours). To check if the product is thawed, touch it to feel. If the meat is not hard to touch or is easily bendable like fresh meat, it will be ready for cooking.

Storage Information

Keep Refrigerated At 0-4°C
Consume Within 5 Days Of Opening or Freeze If Not Consumed

Cooking Guide

The Streaky Bacon or sometimes known as the American Bacon is the most iconic representation of cured meat in the world. There are a ton of uses for it in the culinary world, ranging from savoury breakfast to sweet desserts. However, we want to introduce you the most straight forward way to cook and serve this beautiful slice of bacon – pan-frying. So, just follow the instructions below and you will have yourself a delicious meal in no time! So, enjoy!

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Weight 300 g


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Non-Smoked Streaky Bacon 300gm