Premium Streaky Bacon 1kg.

Cured premium streaky bacon made with imported pork belly with a good fat to meat ratio. You can cook it in every way possible but we recommend pan-frying it for the best crunch and flavour! For the raw material, we use imported pork belly from Europe for its consistent meat-to-fat ratio. We made this choice because it is hard to achieve the same quality with local pork.

The streaky bacon tastes salty and has a great bacon flavour which you can smell even from afar. There’s a saying, if you can smell it before you see it, then it is good bacon! We smoke the meat for at least 60 minutes to achieve a brilliant smoky flavour. Furthermore, we use real wood chips in the smoking process, not liquid smoke. Depending on the way you cook it, the bacon can be tender (pan-fried for 2 minutes on medium heat) or crispy (pan-fried for 3-4 minutes on medium heat). Finally, it has a golden outer layer due to the smoking process.

To prepare the meat for cooking, remember to let it thaw completely. For chilled products, place the product in its original package on a plate in room temperature for 30 minutes. For frozen products, place the product on a plate in the fridge overnight (12-24 hours). To check if the product is thawed, touch it to feel. If the meat is not hard to touch or is easily bendable like fresh meat, it will be ready for cooking.

Storage Information

Keep Refrigerated At 0-4°C
Consume Within 5 Days Of Opening or Freeze if Not Consumed

Cooking Guide

The Streaky Bacon or sometimes known as the American Bacon is the most iconic representation of cured meat in the world. There are a ton of uses for it in the culinary world, ranging from savoury breakfast to sweet desserts. However, we want to introduce you the most straightforward way to cook and serve this beautiful slice of bacon – pan-frying. So, just follow the instructions below and you will have yourself a smokiliscious meal in no time! Enjoy!

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Weight 1000 g

1 review for Premium Streaky Bacon 1KG

  1. wong.m.rachel (verified owner)

    So far the best brand of bacon in Malaysia that I’ve tried. The amount of fat is just right that it crisps nicely in the pan. Fair warning that it is quite salty, but I personally don’t mind.

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Solisege Premium Streaky Bacon 1KG Premium Streaky Bacon 1KG